Wicken Fen after a hoar frost

After all this snow we have been having, I finally felt that it was safe to get out and visit Wicken Fen again to see how the cold weather had transformed it… and I was so pleased that I did! What a treat. I took over 200 photographs and am hard pressed to know which ones to publish here. So many beautiful ones! I walked to the Old Tower Hide thinking I would get a good view and would be sheltered. I did a quick pastel until my fingers started to freeze up!

Here is a photo of the hide in the distance.


5 thoughts on “Wicken Fen after a hoar frost

  1. Wow, the place looks magical! can't wait to see your studio pieces that are inspired by your photos and sketch. Wish I were there…but I will just wait for the paintings!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! My favorite is the last one, with the bright red berries amid all those glistening frosty branches. I'm with Loriann; can't wait to see the paintings inspired by this outing!

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