Before breakfast!

It was so beautiful this morning I just had to wander round the corner before breakfast and do a very quick (poor) sketch! It’s been so long since I picked up my oil pastels and I don’t have many colours or any tortillons here. I guess I am going to have to remedy that soon.

Meanwhile a bit of fun! I really needed to play after a few frustrating days dealing with shipping. So I did! All my packages came back two days after I shipped them. I was somewhat upset to say the least. Apparently I hadn’t given enough customs information. I think I will continue building on these and then try them in oils.


2 thoughts on “Before breakfast!

  1. Oh the frustration…to have the packages returned to you after all that work! Are these the sacred creatures for the Sanibel show?
    PS Your small sketch does seem to capture the essence of the scene.

  2. Yes, Loriann they were the sacred creatures.. anyway, they made it to Fort Myers and will be delivered on Monday, so fingers crossed they arrive safely. It was somewhat annoying… she says gritting her teeth! The gallery has been marvellously patient.

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