Sacred Creatures

Kingfisher with Dragonfly
12 x 12 Oil/Panel

Nuthatch with Bumblebee iv
12 x 12 Oil/Panel

Carolina Wren, nest and eggs
12 x 12 Oil/Panel

Black-capped Chickadee with egg
12 x 12 Oil/Panel

At last, I have finished! Unfortunately I seem unable to get really good photos of these paintings, but you get the idea! I am going to go abstract after these… I think my thumb is going to drop off! I would love to find a way to do my birds in a loser manner, but still can’t allow myself to go there!

I am so looking forward to this weekend to celebrate my birthday in London with my children! I think I deserve it!


12 thoughts on “Sacred Creatures

  1. Thanks Deborah. Are you going to post any of your drawings? Will we see an etching of one by any chance? They are such lovely birds. Pity the photo isn't better. I am really struggling with the lack of facilities here. Oh well, c'est la vie!

  2. Lynne, these are beauiful! I love the ethereal, dream-like quality of your paintings, so peaceful. I especially like the texture in the foreground of the Nuthatch, and around the nest in the Carolina Wren painting.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday … hope you have a great time in London!

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