Things are coming together!

Here is a photo of my lovely Aunt Agnes (87!) holding my painting to enable me to take the photograph below.

Yorkshire Stream
Oil/Linen 9 x 16

I love this stage in painting when you get to a point when all your hard work starts to look finished. I have about nine paintings cluttering up my Dad’s washroom all nearly at their finished state.

Besides doing the birds for the show on Sanibel Island I have been painting a few landscapes too! This is the first one to get finished.


10 thoughts on “Things are coming together!

  1. Oh such a lovely painting Lynne, I love the softness of this, it is very calming…easy on the eye.

    Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you near completion…and it is just that, just a feeling, you suddenley just 'know'.

    Thank you for sharing, your Aunt looks wonderfully jolly too!

    Julia x x x

  2. Thanks Julia! Yes, you are so right about that, I have been working on the Nightingale painting and just wasn't quite happy and after yesterday, I tweaked it and now I feel it's done.. you just know. Yes, my Aunt is precious. She has spent a lifetime spoiling me! Lurvelly! Will write an email..

  3. Hello Aunt Agnes! Thanks for your blog visit, Lynne. This is a really nice painting. I like that you do realism but not photorealism; the paintings have a dreamy quality to them.

  4. Yes, she is Deborah… but has difficulty holding the panels! Go for it Deborah. One of the beauties of having a press at home is that you are free to play more. I am SO SO jealous. I really miss etching.

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