Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove
10 x 12 Oil/Panel

Here is one of my submissions to the Albuquerque Museum Miniature exhibition. I have been invited to exhibit every year for the last nine years. It’s a great honour and always a wonderful show.

6 days to go until I leave for England!


5 thoughts on “Mourning Dove

  1. Wow, this is really something. There's a great contrast going on between the soft background and the detailed, beautifully and accurately rendered bird. A wonderful interpretation of a scene! I popped across from Loriann's blog – looking forward to reading your interview with her!

  2. And I just popped across to your website only to read that you're from Lincolnshire…me too! Lincoln is my home town, though I'm now settled in London permanently despite being in Philly until Jan. So great to find a Lincolnshire born art blogger, you're my first!

  3. Welcome Caroline! Thanks for you lovely words… I took a quick look on your blog… buildings! How brave! I love your atmosphere and angle… I am almost having a meltdown today trying to do everything before I leave on Monday…. when things are a little calmer I will write again. What a fun coincidence… when do you go back to London?

  4. We have a mourning dove who has made our condo gardens his home. I get a thrill every time I see him. This beautiful artwork captures his majesty and grace. Awesome!

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