Winding River, Tweed River Valley

Winding River, Tweed River Valley
30 x 40 Oil/Linen

I finished it! I am wearing a dozen different hats at the moment trying to finish up everything before I leave. I think I have just over two weeks… Why Oh Why did I decide to re-do my website at this time I wonder?!! Talk about challenging parts of my brain that have been lying dormant! I am such a terrier too, I hate to give up.


4 thoughts on “Winding River, Tweed River Valley

  1. Hi Lynne,
    Just returning to your blog after our long conversation I find I have new eyes. I have always LOVED your work, but now I understand “the you” in it.Thank you so much for spending the time talking with me. I was completely fascinated with your thoughts.
    Now when I look at this painting I feel the beautiful Scotland you were talking about. The light, the dreaminess, the love of a very special place.
    I REALLY need to get to your galleries and see these beauties in person!

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