Ducky – Etching

I am at the second stage of my Ducky etching. Here I am wiping off the excess printing ink from the copper plate.

First Stage

Second Stage

Close up of the Second Stage

I won’t be able to go to etching this week… not happy about that, but I have more exciting news. At 7.30 am I have to go to the Convention Centre in Albuquerque for my Oath of Allegiance ceremony, so we are staying Albuquerque the night before. I shall be an American Citizen on Friday! Last night I dreamt (just found out that this is an British English term), that I arrived early, but then almost missed the ceremony because I wasn’t paying attention! It’s funny what goes on in our minds when we are sleeping…. and when we are awake!!


12 thoughts on “Ducky – Etching

  1. Hello Lynne, Ive just been admiring your etching, so beautiful and so much detail! I love the gentleness of it all too.
    I hope your ceremony goes well, congratulations on becoming an American Citizen!!

    Much love to you
    Julia x x x

  2. Julia, thank you! I am falling more and more in love with etching and the story around Ducky makes me want to try and portray the lovely sensitive relationship that Ducky and Bonnie, the photographer, obviously had. I am glad it is showing at this early stage…. hope I don't go and mess it up!

    Much love to you too… xx

  3. Winnie, I love the ducky and think like everyone else admire the etching. Welcome to citizenship and all that it brings. This is truly a great country and you will be a great addition who brings the great british wit and sense of humor.

    Love Bill and Betsy

  4. All the best Lynne on your big day. No dreams for us but we did go to the wrong court house for our Oath of Allegiance. We ran until we caught a taxis and hoped that they had not locked the door.
    How many hours do you think you will put into this piece? I am sure you won't mess it up!

  5. Thank you Bill and Betsy… I wish I could have got down to Fredericksburg before I leave for the UK to practice my British wit and humour on you both! And eat some of your wonderful cooking! xx

  6. Oh no Patricia… how awful. I would have been in such a panic! Not sure about the amount of hours. I think the nuthatch took about four or five sessions…at least four hours each time, including time to print and chat! Quite a lot really!

  7. Oh my glorious Ducky! I miss him so much, thank you for bringing him into the lives of so many people. He was an outstanding soul, truly the most amazing animal I have ever met in my entire life.

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