Four Birds

A Wren, A Robin, A Blue Tit and A Nuthatch – 8 x 8 oil/linen


I finally got these paintings back from my new framer in Cambridge. It’s so good to get something finished and framed after all this time of trying to juggle the role of carer to my Father and being an artist! This is proof that I have been doing something!


6 thoughts on “Four Birds

  1. Thanks Janelle and Katherine. Actually the backgrounds were a real trial, I initially wanted to do backgrounds that picked up on the dark of the each bird, but then I decided that they looked good shown together and so tried to get the backgrounds as similar as possible, but not black… Didn't quite manage it, but I think they are close enough. Interestingly, when I was looking at frames, a totally black frame against them looked awful and showed how much more colour there was in the background.

  2. Thanks Diane and Patricia. I tend to mix my dark 'mother colour' (Ultramarine deep, Burnt Sienna and Transparent Brown Oxide). Then I play about adding a tiny touch of Cad yellow deep, or Permanent Crimson, Cobalt Blue, depending upon what I want. My way of painting is not very scientific! Today I tried Paynes Grey and Transparent Brown oxide and that works well too. It would be nice to get it right the first time, especially at the moment since I have so little time to paint and I need a more consistent approach.

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