My new bike!

I have been going on and on about buying myself a bike… I only have three in New Mexico, but none here. Very annoying! Anyway, I finally gave in and bought it today and late this afternoon took it out on it’s first journey. I caught the sun a little late, but I think it will be great for me to just dash out and get some exercise, which I really need these days and also see things that I don’t see in the car. I felt so good after my little bike ride. I got rid of some cobwebs and my thighs hurt! A sure sign I need to do more.

I am going to post a few of the photos I took.

I am also desperately waiting to get four little paintings back from the framers in Cambridge. I couldn’t get there this weekend, but hopefully I will make it next week. This last week entailed a fair amount of visits of the hospital and doctors for blood tests and check ups. Dad is doing so well that he made a wonderful batch of scones yesterday for the church coffee morning! He is exhausted today though.


3 thoughts on “My new bike!

  1. It looks lovely sitting there! So glad you are out and about and your dad is still feeling well. Barry called us a few days ago and we just discovered his voice mail! We are trying to get things finished up for my FL show but Steve is going to call him this week.

  2. I think it looks lovely too! Actually it's the same make as my old racing bike that I used to cycle from London to Brighton years ago. Not sure I could make it now!

    I did tell Barry that you were getting ready for a Florida show. He has just got into the Galerie du Soleil in Naples. He is dead chuffed, as we say here in Lincolnshire!

    Hi Janelle, you are so right. It's been such a stressful few months, I think the bike will help a lot!

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