Things are getting better!

Dad is doing so well in comparison to a week ago and I am managing to get some work done at last. I have almost finished four little bird portraits and just started a landscape inspired some photos taken the other day when on my way to the hospital. It was such a gorgeous sunset and I risked slipping and sliding all over the road just to take them. Of course, it’s snowing yet again. I have never ever experienced a winter like this in the UK. I know it’s awful for some, but when I don’t have to drive to the hospital and back, I am selfishly loving the wonderful scenery and inspiration.

Here’s hoping things will get better and better.


2 thoughts on “Things are getting better!

  1. What a coincidence! The weather is surely more extreme in Wisconsin! Do you ever return to Navenby? My Father knows it, but I don't.

    I looked you up… do you paint? Thanks for your nice words.

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