More postings from frozen UK

This beautiful pony is in a field just down the road from where I am living right now. The cold doesn’t seem to bother him! It is just so gorgeous at the moment, as I drive to the hospital I have been taking photos and am so looking forward to translating them into paintings soon!


2 thoughts on “More postings from frozen UK

  1. Hi Lyn. I have been following your blog for a short while. I hope everything is going well with your dad. It is hard when you have a parent who lives so far away. Like you, my parents lived in the south of England and I live in the US.
    I hope you are keeping warm. The UK is having a terrible winter I hear! Cheers.

  2. Hello Patricia, thanks for following my blog. I must say I was hoping it was going to be a little more concerned with my paintings, landscapes and travelling around the UK. Not that the weather would have allowed it anyway. Yes, it's tough living two different lives! I would be happier if my husband could join me, but circumstances prevent that at the moment. I am keeping probably too warm and the house must be warm for my Dad and the snow has been beautiful. I will post another photo. Where do you live?

    Bye for now. Lynne

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