Little House in the Woods

Little House in the Woods
12 x 12 Oil/Linen Panel

I think I have been somewhat influenced by all the glorious colour that we have had around us here in New Mexico!! However, I think it may have all gone now, as we had a sprinkling of snow this morning.

I am happy to say that on the Saturday opening of the Albuquerque Museum Miniature show, one of my paintings sold. I am hoping in the coming weeks the other two will also sell.


4 thoughts on “Little House in the Woods

  1. Congratulations on selling a painting on opening night! That's a great feeling! Your paintings are so beautiful and I am always amazed at your colors and use of light in them. This one posted here is beautiful!

  2. Hi Diane, thanks so much for your lovely words! I enjoyed looking at your blog too. Your flower paintings are lovely. I painted some gerbera's really large a number of years ago and still have the painting, which now resides in my kitchen. I will find a photo and post it soon. Thanks again. Lynne

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