First Born

12 x 12 Oil/Linen panel – Sold
Available at Showings Fine Art Gallery, Denver, CO

Last year, when my friend Jasmin, who lives in Scotland bought a new flat, I gave her a little oil pastel of a nest as a housewarming gift. I enjoyed painting it so much that I decided to paint some more in oil paint. This is one of them. Of course they are hugely significant for me as my children live in the UK and I live in the US. This one would be for Holly, my first born!


5 thoughts on “First Born

  1. Hello Lynne!

    What a pleasure to find your blog today, Im very glad you stopped by mine and thank you so much for the lovely comments.

    I am totally captivated by your art, you are certainly very talented! I will pop back again soon to see what you're up to! Are you in New Mexico permanently then? It sounds like a great adventure!

    Sending love from the UK
    Julia xxx

  2. PS, forgot to say, never to late to start crochet! If it makes you smile, do it – a good book to start with is The Happy Hooker which is the one I used to teach myself last summer!

    Love J xxx

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